Understanding Media Buying
and Marketing Strategy

Media Strategy

When you are looking for a media consultant to help your business you want to make sure that they reach your customer through tactical advertising. This includes:

  • Research on your industry and competitor trends
  • Customer demographics, habits and media usage
  • Providing a customized media strategy that is born out of your specific business objectives, marketing goals, and creative approach.

Media Plan Objective(s)

What are the specific and measurable objectives of the media plan? What do we want the advertising campaign to accomplish? What do we want customers to do as the result of exposure to the advertising? Do we want them to set an appointment? Call a call center and purchase product over the phone? Visit a website? Make an online purchase?

  • Who is the target customer?
  • What are the demographics of the target customer that will allow us to choose media channels more effectively?
  • What is the geographic area in which we wish to advertise?
  • Is there seasonality to the industry or category?
  • Are there times we don’t want to advertise?
  • If creative already exists, what are the size of the ads, length of the commercials, shape of the banners, etc.?

Media Delivery Goals

  • What are the specific measurable media weight goals for the campaign (reach, frequency, GRP’s, impressions, visitors, etc.).
  • If the budget is limited, is reach or frequency more important?
  • How will the results of the advertising campaign be evaluated?
  • What methods will be use to track and analyze the results of the campaign.

Executional Considerations

  • Are there any other considerations that will impact the design and execution of the media plan?

Utilizing this information, combined with your media strategy ensures a greater return on your investment.

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